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These Easy Acne Tips Will Make Pimples A Thing Of The Past!

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Goodbye acne pimples, hello flawless skin!

When it comes to skincare and trying to kick pimples and acne to the curb, there is no “One size fits all” approach because everyone has unique facial features, lifestyles and genetic histories, but having battled with problematic skin myself, I know firsthand that the following tips are gospel truth and backed up by experience and science.

1. Cleansing.

Although acne and pimples are not brought about by poor hygiene, the first and possibly most important tip is to wash your face in the morning and evening, to prevent bacteria build up on your skin.

Acne Tips Skin Care Zumi

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2. Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid is one of the best treatments for acne and pimples. Cleansers that have salicylic acid work especially great to get rid of dead skin and to clear any whiteheads and blackheads.

Acne Tips Skin Care Zumi

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3. Scrubbing…

… is an absolute no! Scrubbing your skin instead of gently washing it will definitely irritate and inflame your acne even more, not to mention, multiply your pimples.

Acne Tips Skin Care Zumi

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4. Face Masks.

Different acne face masks serve different purposes. Some work to draw toxins and unwanted oils from the pores through absorbent ingredients, while others are rich in antibacterial ingredients that get rid of harmful bacteria living in the pores and causing infection. Check out these tips on how to use different DIY acne face masks for best results.

5. Sunscreen…

… is a must! Sunscreen should be used all year round, even on days when the sun is a little too far for your liking. An SPF regime works to protect your skin from wrinkles and long-term damage from the sun’s rays.

Acne Tips Skin Care Zumi

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6. Moisturize…

… like your life depended on it because your skin actually does. Even if you have oily skin, keeping moisturized is key, so go for options that are more lightweight but do the job.

Acne Tips Skin Care Zumi

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7. Hygiene.

Your cell phone, pillowcases and makeup brushes can hold bacteria which then get passed on to your skin, leading to pimples and acne breakouts. Opt for the loudspeaker option on your phone, change your pillowcases regularly and wash your makeup brushes weekly, depending on use.

Acne Tips Skin Care Zumi

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8. Exercise and Diet.

Just like staying hydrated all day and avoiding foods rich in dairy, exercise is one of the keys to healthy and youthful skin!

Acne Tips Skin Care Zumi

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There you have it! What are some of your tips for flawless skin? Let us know in the comments!

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