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The Best Lipsticks For A Kenyan Woman With Sass

Your new favorite matte lipsticks are available in Kenya.

When it comes to matte lipsticks, the list of brands available in Kenya at the moment is never ending. The long search for the perfect lipstick color and the right formula can leave big dent in your wallet. The beauty about the search is that you will become a lipstick professional because of all the YouTube videos and blogger reviews you end up reading or watching.

Don’t worry though, we have compiled a list of matte lipstick brands that are worth trying out based on my own experiences with them.


Color Pop matte lip cremes Ksh: 1500.

My top pick has to be Color Pop because of its lasting power. The lipstick is smooth and easy to apply onto your lips without running or staining your teeth and when it comes to lasting power, it beats the rest by taking the longest time to fade off.

Downside: The Ultra Matte formula that makes it last long could make your lips crack so remember to use some Vaseline before applying it.

Matte Lipsticks Kenya Zumi

Source: Lilyseymour


Milani Cosmetics matte lip cremes Ksh: 1800.

Milani Cosmetics comes at the second position because every matte lipstick and Lip Creme smells like candy.Who would have guessed that a lip product can smell that good? The formula is spot on for women who are looking for a matte lip creme that has high pigmentation, lasts for hours and does not dry out the lips.

Down Side: Eating oily foods can make the lip creme wear out.

Matte Lipsticks Kenya Zumi

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Too Faced matte lip cremes Ksh: 3100.

Talk about heaven in a bottle! Too Faced matte lip cremes are vibrant, gentle on the lips and the matte effect for women who hate shiny lipsticks.The matte lip creme lasts a whole day and although it is a little pricey, it is totally worth every penny.

Down side: It runs if you do not line your lips.

Matte Lipsticks Kenya Zumi

Source: The Happy Sloth


L.A Colors matte Lipsticks Ksh 600.

The LAC lipsticks are very affordable and are ideal for the woman on a budget. Being a low end brand, many overlook it when looking for good lipsticks forgetting that their pigmentation is amazing.

Downside: It does not last a whole day.

Matte Lipsticks Kenya Zumi

Source: Nailmatic


Wet n Wild matte lipsticks and lip cremes Ksh: 1500.

Wet and wild matte lip creme are light weight and are oozing perfection for a woman who hates wearing lipsticks but still wants something light to wear. The lip cremes come in fantastic nudes suitable for women of color.

Downside: You will need to reapply every 4 hours.

Matte Lipsticks Kenya Zumi

Source: Everyday Makeup Blog

Get these matte lipsticks and lip Cremes from local Makeup stores: Sugar Punch Beauty, Beauty Bar and Jumia.

Which is your favorite matte lip creme? These are some of the stores that sell original makeup products in Kenya.




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