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Say No More! These Sunburn Remedies Actually Work

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That December sun can be unforgiving!

Oh yes ladies! Most of us will be going down to the coast and that December heat is no fun. If you do not protect your skin with wide brimmed sun hats or sunscreen you will definitely get a touch of sunburn. Now we want you to look your best before you step into the new year, we want you to leave that sunburn behind. We have amazing home remedies that do the trick!

Here Are 3 Remedies That Will Have Your Skin Looking Fabulous After That Sunburn:
1. Apply Lotion On Damp Skin.

Ladies, you need to do this if you want that sunburn gone! Specialists say that your skin needs much love and care, since it peels you need to apply moisturizer daily to the affected area.

2. Coat Your Skin With Plain Natural Yogurt.

Yes, you saw that right girlie! Plain yogurt is your friend hunnie, because the enzymes and probiotics found in plain yogurt will help heal your sunburn. All you need to do is pat some on the affected areas, let it sit for at-least five minutes and wash off with cool water.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water Girl.

When your skin has sunburn, it means that it is dehydrated. You need to drink plenty of water so that it can hydrate your skin, replenish it as well as heal your sunburn.

There you go! Ladies no need to come back and suffer with your sunburn.

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