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How To Spot Fake Makeup Like A Pro

Fake Makeup
There has been an influx of fake makeup products in the Kenyan market and women are falling for the trap.

Kenyans are buying fake MAC , Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX, Milani Cosmetics, Huddah and Black Opal products. We all love cheap products but when it comes to makeup, cheap is not as cheap as you think. Fake makeup could cause irreversible eye, skin and health issues.

Here are quick ways to differentiate the real deal from a fake.


1. Learn about the seller.

There are many sellers online and they are all promising to offer original products. Go through their Facebook and Instagram pages, looking at the products carefully. Read customer reviews and see what their customers say about their products. Asking friends for recommendations will also help you find a trusted seller.

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Avoid buying makeup on the side of the street because most of the sellers are the reason why the counterfeit makeup industry is booming in Kenya.

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2. Compare prices.

Most times, fake products are usually priced much lower than the original ones. The prices are irresistible. You need to check online how much the manufacturer sells the products at. Generally products that cost less than the manufacturer is selling are fakes.

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3.Check the label.

The fake products have labels that are inconsistent. They are usually uneven and the content is incorrect. The labels are written a country of origin that is not the same as the original products. The shade names and colour could also be off. The logo could also have alterations.

Zumi fake makeup

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Zumi fake makeup

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4. Packaging

If you have used the products before, then you will notice that the packaging of the products is similar but not the same. The font might be different, the box color could also be different.

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Fake Makeup

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Stay alert do not fall for dupes!