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Learn How To Achieve This Special Occasion Hairstyle At Home

Hairstyle Kenya Zumi
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When it comes to hairstyles for special occasions, many of us shy away from hairstyles that are out of the box. This is due to the fact that we are all a little terrified of the fact that hairdressers tend to over promise on the execution of the hairstyles we show them.There are times when a little colour is all you need to spice up a look. Other times call for a wig or weave to lengthen your hair just a little.

Hairstyles Kenya Zumi

All these are incredible ways of getting that gorgeous hairdo for the weekend. This mother likes to try out box hairstyles on her daughter whose hair is full, healthy and everything we were hoping to achieve after the transition.

Shanilla 26 Hairstyles Kenya ZumiShanilla 26 Hairstyles Kenya Zumi

Source: Shanilla 26/Instagram

She shows us how to achieve this look that has left the internet in awe!


If your hair is not as long, you can also achieve the same look using extensions and hold the hair in place with the Eco styler gel.

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