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Skin Goals! The Best Tips On How To Get Good Skin All Year Round!

skin goals tips for ladies
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Want clear skin?

Ladies! 2018 is the year we get our skin right! Glowing, clear skin is what we all want to achieve and trust me it’s not that hard. Our two favourite Kenyan celebrities dish out on ther products they get to use to achieve this. If you want to get on their level read on fellow sisters! You will not regret it!

Well here are 3  major tips from our very own Kenyans celebrities:
1. You Can Never Go Wrong With Face Masks.

Patricia Kihoro tells us what keeps her skin glowing and fresh all day. She uses the charcoal anti blackhead wash and mash from Garnier! It leaves her skin clear.

Patricia Kihoro

Source: Instagram

2. The Soap You Use On Your Face Is So Important!

Sheila Ndinda has great skin and she let us in on her secret! She uses Dettol Eventone Pomegranate soap. It gently exfoliates to remove dead skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

skin care tips for glowing skin!

Source: Instagram

Thinking of what skincare items to gift your BFF? Look no further and click the link below.

Oh Ladies! Here Are 5 Skin Care Items You Can Gift Your Girl Squad With.




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