Here Are 3 Strange Reasons That Cause Acne Breakouts!

Gasp! 3 Shocking Reasons Why Your Face Keeps Breaking Out!

It’s not just hormones ladies.

Breakouts are the worst. And if you’re on of the many people that have acne then you know just how much it sucks. And the worst part is that your acne appears at the worst time. Going on a first date? Acne! Attending a wedding? Acne! It’s too much! So, what causes your acne breakouts? There are certain patterns you could be repeating on a daily basis that result in, or can even intensify, your already annoying issue.

Here Are 3 Reasons For Acne Breakouts:
1. Pore Clogging Ingredients.

Mineral oil, for example, is a super-heavy moisturizing agent found in some lotions that’s also known to clog your pores and break you out. Silicone’s, also common in skin care and cosmetics, are another ingredient that can plug up your pores, resulting in blemishes. Make sure all the skin care products you’re using are labeled noncomedogenic, which means your makeup or skin care has been specifically formulated not to clog your pores.

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2. Too Much.

So, while you’re turning to spot treatments to minimize the appearance of your acne breakout, it can actually make it look worse if you’re not using it correctly. Especially since the active ingredients can slightly burn the top layer of your skin, making it look red and raw if you’re using the formula too often.

Acne Breakouts Zumi

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3. Scrubbing Too Hard.

When you scrub the active acne, you drag the blemish’s bacteria across your skin, worsening the existing condition and possibly even causing it to spread. Gently wash and moisturize your face with a gentle yet effective system.

Acne Breakouts Zumi

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Are you guilty of any of these reasons? Share with us why you breakout, if you do!

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