These Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Are Serving Protective Styles Goals! – ZUMI

These Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Are Serving Protective Styles Goals!

Protective Styles, Zumi Kenya
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Are you looking for your next protective hairstyle?

If we had to narrow it down to just one thing the Kenyan fashion bloggers are known for, it would have to be their tendency to pick on the latest trends and make them their own, be it in fashion, beauty or even hairstyles! The weather in Nairobi is begging for us to get into protective styles and with so many options to choose from, we have rounded up some of our absolute favourites as donned by leading fashion bloggers in Kenya.

1. Partial sew-in by Sharon Mundia.

This Is Ess lifestyle blogger, Sharon, is known for her long, straight and healthy mane, but we absolutely love her current protective style! She had on a full sew-in of the same kinky texture of hair a couple of months back, but this time around she gave it a twist with a partial sew in which is perfect to enjoy the best of both textures, while still keeping the tips of the hair protected.

Protective Styles, Zumi Kenya

Photo: ThisIsEss.

2. Extended box braids by Nancie Mwai.

Box braids were a huge trend back in the 90s and it is always so refreshing to see amazing styles make a strong comeback! Beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Nancie Mwai, was vacay-ready in her graciously-to-your-waistline box braids and we love how she played with hair accessories to take the look a notch higher!

3. Jumbo cornrows by Denim And Cateye.

If you are looking for a quick and unique protective style that frames your face, then lifestyle blogger, Denim And Cateye might just be the inspiration you need. Jumbo cornrows have taken the style streets by storm and with good reason. This protective style is not only easy on the edges but is also quite quick to achieve and we are crushing on her hair accessories too!

4. Afro-drama by Silvia Njoki.

We are in awe of this show-stopping hairstyle by award-winning blogger, Silvia Njoki! This big, black afro captures the very essence of the African culture and does a perfect job framing the face while adding some welcome drama to your overall look!

There you have it, girls. Which protective style will you be trying out next?

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