Did You Know That Potatoes Could Help With Your Dark Spots?

Did You Know That Potatoes Could Help With Your Dark Spots?

Bring out the waru!

Imagine finding out that all this time you’ve been purchasing expensive skin products yet you could have used the potatoes in your house! Waru! Well, potatoes are rich in vitamin B and C which is extremely good for the skin. This ensures that your skin remains¬†radiant, glowing and free of dark spots. Commonly used under the eyes, potatoes can reduce ageing while tightening your skin. Don’t we all want to remain young?¬† So grab the potatoes and follow the instructions below on how to use them.

Here’s How To Use Potatoes For A Glowing Skin:¬†

1. Take one large potato and rinse the dirt out with running water.

2. Cut it up into chunks then blend them to a paste. Instead of blending you can grate it then squeeze the juice out of it using a sieve.

3. Once you have the paste/juice, use a cotton pad to apply it on the face.

4. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse it off.

5. Repeat the process twice a week for clear skin.


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