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4 Of The Most Popular Maybelline Products Are Now On Sale!

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Maybelline Products are on sale now!

Maybelline has become one of the most popular brands in Kenya and we are totally loving the fact that they now have an office in Kenya. Kenyan women are so in love with the products and we are happy to hear that there is a sale running. The Maybelline products are not only of high quality but also very cheap as well. With a budget of KSh 5000, you can buy products that you can use every day to give you that gorgeous polished look.

Here are the most popular Maybelline products on sale in Kenya!
Super Stay Matte Lipstick.

Price: Ksh 1170.

Image result for maybelline super stay matte voyager

Source: Jumia Kenya

Collosol Go Extreme Mascara.

Price: 722.

Image result for maybelline colossal go extreme mascara

Kajal Eyeliner.

Price: 468.

Image result for maybelline kajal eyeliner

Fit Me Powder.

Price: Ksh 1260.

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