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Organic Living Is On The Rise, And So Is Organic Makeup

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Organic living is a lifestyle centred around consuming food and products that are beneficial to you and the environment. The rise of this conscious lifestyle has begun to create more awareness in several industries that impact our daily life. 

So what is organic make up? Organic beauty consists of cosmetic products that are created with naturally grown ingredients that are not in contact with genetically modified organisms, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and more. Furthermore, the products are cruelty-free meaning that animals were not harmed or used to test out the product.

Here are some of the organic beauty products taking South Africa by storm;

Kissable Lips

Although they can be more expensive, organic lipsticks are made from oils like ghee, beeswax and coconut oil, which makes them edible and very, very moisturising. While you may not want to eat your lipstick, it’s nice to know you can.

Faithful to Nature

Heres a range of products dedicated to organic make up. Stocking things from lipstick, foundation, concealer, powder the works! Plus they deliver what more could you ask for.

Lula fox

Brand new in South Africa, Lula Fox is the thinking woman’s make-up range – a series of truly beautiful products that are ecologically sound yet made to the highest professional standard. Lula Fox is what we call eco lux: eco because it is not tested on animals and is made from natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients; lux because it is on a par with professional and mainstream make-up ranges but without the toxic ingredients and preservatives.