Oh Yes! Juacali’s Wife Launches Makeup Line And We’re Here for It! – ZUMI

Oh Yes! Juacali’s Wife Launches Makeup Line And We’re Here for It!

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This one is a must!

The fashion and beauty industry in Kenya is a growing market. From brands like Huddah Cosmetics and Pauline Cosmetics constantly growing in Kenya why not bring more brands and products to the market?! And that’s exactly what Jua Cali’s wife Lily Asigo has done. She recently launched Asigo Beauty introducing mink eyelashes to all makeup lovers.

Here’s What Asigo Beauty Has To Offer To All Makeup Lovers:
1. Variety.

With a total of 8 different pairs of eyelashes, Asigo Beauty has you covered for all types of occasions. Heading to work? They got you covered! Heading to a wedding? They definitely have you covered! Retailing at Ksh 1500 you can get yourself so many pairs!

Asigo Beauty

Source: Instagram

2. Beautiful Packaging.

The eyelashes come beautifully packaged which is always a plus. The box it comes in allows you to properly store your eyelashes and use them up to 15 times! Ladies, you need these eyelashes!

Asigo Beauty

Source: Instagram

Makeup lovers, will you be getting yourself a pair or three of these beautiful eyelashes? We definitely will! Check out the newest foundation in town while you’re at it!

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