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Has Naturalista Sheila Ndinda Just Relaxed Her Hair?

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Could it be?

Sheila Ndinda is one of the most popular naturalistas in Kenya. She has gorgeous natural hair, is pretty and helps her followers learn how to create natural looks and which products to use. She rescently posted a picture of her looking totally different form its ordinary curly state and it got many confused at first.

Her hair looked longer, straighter and curled with a flat iron. Many wondered if her hair was relaxed or just straightened but to make things clear, the image she posted came alongside a statement saying,

I recently straightened and flat ironed my hair professionally for the first time in about 3 years since I went natural. I know this looks very scary but I really wanted to straighten my hair. My hair was in a bad shape and badly needed a trim so we ended up trimming a few inches off and also shaped it up a bit. .

I filmed the entire process and the video is now live on my channel ( Direct link on bio ). If you watched the video then you know this is not the look I was going for but it still turned out okay. At least my ends are now very healthy. What are your thoughts on straightening natural hair ? Would you do it ?

So to put the story to bed, Sheila Ndinda has just straightened her hair and we can all stop freaking out now.

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Source: SheilaNdinda/Instagram

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