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Natural Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

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We all want healthy hair!

Natural hair can be a challenge at times. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new natural, we have our struggle days. These natural hair hacks will make that natural life so much easier. No more struggling with your hair, work with it instead of against it. The basics to growing out natural hair include keeping your hair healthy, preventing breakage, and then retaining the growth that’s happening. How do you achieve this? Here are hacks for healthy natural hair.

Follow these tips to keep your natural hair healthy:

1. Removing build up

If you’re wearing braids as a protective style and you discover dirt near the root of each braid, you can spray an apple cider vinegar and water mixture to loosen up the build-up and avoid breakage when taking down the style.

2. Work in sections

Use bobby pins and butterfly clips to work in sections. Working in sections helps you to effectively detangle, makes styling more easy and helps you to get more coverage when you are applying  products.

3. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair

Towels can be too rough on natural hair causing snags and it can also contribute to frizz. Bring out that old t-shirt you no longer care about to absorb access water from your hair.

4. Pre- poo your hair

Whether you have super dry or not hair, pre-pooing is good hack to add to your hair care. Apply an oil to your hair like coconut oil, let it set for a while and then shampoo focusing on your cleansing your scalp. The oil will soften and moisturize your hair.

What are your essential natural hair hacks? Drop your tips below.

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