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How To Use Flexi Rods To Get Those Curls Popping On Your Natural Hair

flexi rods on natural hair
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Naturalistas this on is for you!

I am sure all you ladies have passed around various stalls in towns and seen these funny looking, tubular, rubbery contraptions. Or you may  think you’ve seen one but you may be mistaking it for a perm rod. This is a flexi rod. Flexi-rods are bendable and hence the name flexible enough to form to your hair and producing a fabulous curl. Flexi rod sets are an awesome way to get voluminous curls without heat. This is such an amazing way for natural hair ladies to curl their hair and better yet you use no money great right? Now our natural hair will be on point with this new knowledge!

Here Are 4 Ways To Use Your Flexi Rods On Your Natural Hair:
1. Hair Prep.

You need to entangle your natural hair. Make sure you wet the ends and root of her hair with a spray bottle full of distilled water and then apply leave-in from the root to the end, giving the ends some extra care.

2. Wrapping The Flexi Rods.

Start at the end of the hair and wrapped it underneath the center of the roller, then wrapped clockwise around the parameter of the roller until you reach the root of the hair. Then twist each end of the rod to secure them before moving onto the next section.

flexi rods on natural hair

Source: Instagram

3. Setting Time.

After your hair is complete with flexi-rods, you need to wrap up your hair overnight with a satin bonnet. Keep this on through out the whole night and await for popping curls in the morning.

4. Results.

After you unravel your flexi rods, your hair will be fluffy and wavy. This would be great for when you want to do a twist out style on stretched hair. Use a wide tooth comb to fluff up your hair.

flexi rods on natural hair

Source: Instagram

Here’s A Video You Can Learn How To Use Flexi Rods.

Ladies now you know how you can get your curls popping if you decide to have your natural hair on!

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