3 Best Natural Hairstyles With Natural Hair Extensions

Fake It Till You Make It! This Is How To Rock Your Natural Hair Extensions

Jazz up your natural hair!

Sometimes it’s nice to switch up your style and rock some sassy clip-in natural hair extensions. Kinky hair is stealing the spotlight this year and what better way to follow this trend than with long strands. When it comes to rocking long kinky hair, the possibilities are endless, and in each style that you spot, you are bound to look stunning! Not only are these hairstyles protective, but they are also low maintenance, easy to manage and great for withstanding any harsh weather conditions.

Here Are 3 Hairstyles You Can rock With Natural Hair Extensions:
1. Long & Natural.

Natural hair clip-ins are an excellent way to get the instant look you want without waiting the years that it takes to grow longer, fuller hair. It’s a great way to change up your look, and clip-ins for natural hair are easy to install and remove.

Natural Hair Extension

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2. Bun It Up.

Space buns are a popular trend from the 90s that look like two buns on the top of your head. Once you know how to do basic space buns, you can try different variations, such as half-up space buns or even braided space buns! Using natural hair extensions for this look affords you the luxury to change things up when you need a funky style.

Natural Hair Extensions

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3. Afro Puff.

Do you experience shrinkage with your natural hair and all you want is some length and volume? Then this natural clip in extension is for you. This extension will give you the luxury of puffy natural looking hair that will jazz up your life.

Natural Hair Extensions

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