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Natalie Tewa Shares Tips On Natural Hair Care While In Protective Styling

natural hair care while in protective styling
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Your natural hair should be cared for when you have your protective styles on.

Many women braid their hair to give it a break from daily combing and harsh chemicals. Whatever your reason, taking care of your braids will keep your hair healthy and also keep your braids looking neat. While maintenance may be easy, it’s sometimes difficult to fully clean them without taking them out. Hair YouTube guru Natalie Tewa gives us tips and tricks on how you can take care of your natural hair when in a protective style.

Here are 4 tips on how to take care of your natural hair while in braids:
1. Moisturize.

Always ensure your hair is moisturized. You can either spritz your hair regularly with water just as you would with your hair undone or you can rub shea butter onto the braids every week.

2. Wash Every week.
Not washing and conditioning your hair when it’s in braids will lead to a lot more breakage when you take them out. Natural hair continues to crave moisture whether it’s in braids or not. You can always use Cantu Cleansing Cream Shapmoo for that weekly wash.
3. Ensure your scalp is never dry.

The scalp is carrying an extra load so to ease its burden ensure it is clean and never dry. Some people will naturally produce enough oil so they don’t need to add extra but none the less you can use Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil so that you get the benefits of the essential oils.

4. Take care of your edges.

For the first seven days after you’ve put the braids in you need to ensure that the edges that were more than likely pulled tightly are always moisturized. This will ease the pressure and will stop the roots from being uprooted. Apply this oil around the edges twice daily .



Source: Natalie Tewa

How else do you take care of your natural hair while it’s in braids?

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