Which Nairobi Diaries Star Has The Best Wig Game In The Show?!

Which Nairobi Diaries Star Has The Best Wig Game In The Show?!

The divas in Nairobi Diva do not play games when it comes to hair.

Nairobi diaries is Kenya’s best reality TV series don’t you think? And the ladies in it are not far from crazy and dramatic they have the likes of Pendo, Mishi Dora, Barbie and others who well aren’t dramatic and entertaining. The best thing we love about these ladies is one thing; their wig game! The Nairobi Diaires divas just know know how to choose and play around with hair colour, length and texture. The battle is among them, who is the best when it comes to the wig game!

Here are the ladies of the Nairobi Diaries and their wigs:
1. Barbie.

This beautiful Nairobi DiariesĀ  lady who calls herself barbie didn’t come to play with the other cast members. She worked her ombre long wavy wig and had on makeup that was simple. This was definitely a win!

2. Pendo.

This colour should be Pendo’s best yet! She looked gorgeous in her super wavy curly long bob wig. This colour is not for the faint of heart. We just loved how she paired her bold makeup with her wig.

hairstyles by nairobi diaries female cast

Source: Pendo

3. Mishi Dora.

We loved the brunette wig that Mishi had on. Sis layed her baby hair on point! She looks good, she looks blessed right. Mishi this hair colour is just right for you.

4. Bridgette Achieng.

The stunning diva has on a curly long unit in a light shade of brown. She looks prime and proper as she pairs it with her light nude balm on the lips. This colour suits you sis.

5. Maya.

Finally Maya decided to pick a wig colour that suits her. Remember the greyish hair? Please never put that on again! This blonde number compliments her style don’t you think?

6. Pam.

The lovely Pam decided to take the daring route. She went with a bright and bold red straight wig which matched her lipstick. This hair looks great on dark skinned women don’t you think?

I don’t know about you guys but barbie slayed her look!

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