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3 Common Mistakes Every Woman Makes With Their Eyebrows

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Feature Image: Instagram/VeraSidika
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Number 3 is so true!

We need to permanently leave these eyebrow mistakes and disasters in 2019! On a serious note, we cannot keep making the same mistakes, right ladies? For you to have popping eyebrows that are slayed, these common mistakes need to be avoided pronto!

Do You Ladies Agree With These Common Eyebrow Mistakes?
1. Letting Just Anyone Do Your Eyebrows.

Heh! Can we honestly stop doing this? Stop trusting your bestie, hairdresser or even yourself to do your eyebrows! They will mess you up!

2. Changing Your Eyebrow Technician Frequently.

When you get a good eyebrow technician, sis..stay with them for the long run! Eyebrow experts are hard to come by, trust us.

3.  Doing It Yourself.

Now we need to stop thinking that we are all gurus when it comes to eyebrows. Trying to tweeze them or shape them and you have no idea on what you are doing will land you looking like a clown.

Do you agree with all these mistakes? Which mistake stands out to you? Share your thoughts below.

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Featured Image via Instagram/VeraSidika





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