Maybelline & Jumia Give Cleftie Women A Make Over & We Love The Results! [Photos] – ZUMI

Maybelline & Jumia Give Cleftie Women A Make Over & We Love The Results! [Photos]

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“You Are Beautiful, No Matter What They Say…”

Cleftie & Slaying: Some of the ladies after their makeover.  Photo: Courtesy

Last Friday, Jumia and Maybelline NY held an event to celebrate Cleftie women ahead of National Lipstick Day, which falls on Monday, July 29th, 2019. The lucky ladies were gifted some lovely hampers from Maybelline, as well as a professional makeover, to start the weekend off in style.

Photo: Courtesy

The ladies were drawn from Cleftiescliqque Kenya, a group founded by journalist and fellow cleftie Lucia Moki. She shared her story with us:

I have a unilateral cleft lip and palate. For years I struggled to believe in my worth, my capabilities and my strength. I never saw myself as beautiful, I never felt good enough to talk in front of people. I would never laugh without covering my mouth… It was so bad that I never took photos. Fear robbed me of a lot of opportunities…all because I never believed in myself. 

Lucia Moki Smiles. Source: @Cleftiescliqque

Who Knew Lipstick was this Powerful?

Lucia went on to say:

Despite having these craniofacial deformities, we are bright, smart and Intelligent. I am healing, still learning to accept myself as I am. I have learned how to apply lipstick/ lip gloss to try camouflage my Cleft lip so that it is not very conspicuous. Right now I cannot do without lipstick. It gives me the confidence and courage to dare that which I shuddered to before.

Maybelline Marketing Manager Alistair Katoni hands over a gift hamper to Emmaculate Akello during an event organized by Jumia at their new home in Kantaria house. Photo: Courtesy

We love this initiative by Maybelline to go beyond the cliche thing of choosing the most ‘perfect’ lips to grace their products. Who are we kidding, all of us have some part of us that falls short of the prevailing standards of beauty, be it perfect symmetry, those blemishes that we probably notice more than anyone else, scars, etc. It’s awesome to see Maybelline put their products towards bringing joy to these women, and calling attention to the struggles they face, especially as young women who also desire, and need to discover their own beauty.

Jumia PR Manager Pauline Masese (3rd Right) poses with members of Clefties clique Kenya after makeup courtesy of Maybelline. Photo: Courtesy

We just love the joy in all these ladies faces, and that is what it’s all about. So put your favourite lipstick this National Lipstick day, and step out! You too are bright, smart, intelligent, and beautiful! You too deserve to live your best life. Go get it. (Looking for a new lipstick shade, or other makeup? Jumia has a range of products (AND discounts!).. You’re welcome! 

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Featured Image via Maybelline NY.

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