Matte Lipsticks - How To Apply Matte Lipsticks Like A Pro

4 Steps To Applying Matte Lipsticks Flawlessly

Matte Lipstick Zumi
Matte Lipsticks are not as easy to apply as the ordinary lipsticks.

Matte products are here to stay. Many Kenyan makeup stores are stocking them now and they are always out of stock. The most popular matte makeup brands in Kenya are: MAC, Milani Cosmetics, LA Girl, NYX, Dose Of Color and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Matte Lipsticks are loved because they are non-glossy, dry fast and are long wear. The key to achieving an amazing (makeup guru) look, is the application.

Here are the simple matte lipstick application steps.
Step 1: Exfoliate Your Lips

Gently scrubbing your lips leaves them soft and crack free.


Step 2: Apply Lip Moisturiser

You can use vaseline or any other lip balm you prefer.


Step 3: Use A Lip liner

Applying Lip liners helps the lipstick stay in place for hours.

Step 4: Carefully Apply The Lipstick / Lip Creme

Do not be in a rush when applying lipsticks because smeared lipstick looks terrible.


Step 5: Clean Out the sides

To get that clean finish, clean out the smeared sides using a concealer.


Step 6: Let it dry out

After application, do not be tempted to rub your lips together. This smears the lipstick and also makes the lipstick flake. Let it dry for a few minutes.


Applying matte lipsticks has never been so easy. Here are matte lipsticks that a must have for any Kenyan woman.