Which Of These Makeup Removal Products Works Best For You?

Which Of These Makeup Removal Products Works Best For You?

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Makeup removal gets easier by the day!

Makeup removal is as important as taking a bath every day!  With makeup removal; if you do not remove your makeup properly, your skin suffers the consequences. The skin tends to become dull, the pores get larger and acne forms if the skin is not well cleaned. There are many skin care products that have been designed to remove makeup; oil cleansers, water-based cleansers, oils, micellar waters and wet wipes.

Which of these are your favorite makeup removal products!
Wet wipes.

Wet wipes have been praised for years as being the most effective makeup removal products yet! They are a necessity in the house and also in your handbag because you can use them for much more than makeup removal! Make sure to use a trusted brand, we recommend Velvex Fresh Wipes.

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Micellar Water.

Micelles are tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules that attract dirt and oils. They are then added to soft water to create a makeup remover that is not only very efficient in makeup removal but also leaves the skin moisturized. On sale for Ksh 549.

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Eye makeup removers.

Many people do not see the use of owning an eye makeup remover when they already have a makeup remover. The difference is that eye makeup removers are meant for the eyes meaning that they will not irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. Be careful when removing eye makeup, too much rubbing will give you ear;y signs of wrinkles. A good eye makeup remover is the Yves Rocher Gentle Makeup Remover for sensitive eyes.

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Which makeup remover are you currently using? Here is Yves Rocher weekend transformation using natural makeup products.