4 Makeup Items That Are Must Haves In Your Handbag

Listen Up Ladies These Are 4 Makeup Items You Should Have In Handbag

Makeup essentials
What do you have in your handbag?

We all have handbags for every season in every colour and size and for every occasion. But, what exactly is in your handbag? Is it just a power bank and numerous chargers because you are that babe who never charges her phone at the right time? Or is it just full of snacks because food is bae?  Irrespective of what you have in your bag, essential makeup items are a must have to ensure that you are glamorous 24/7.

Here Are 4 Makeup Items You Need In Your Bag:
1. Lip Gloss Definitely.

Out with the chapped lips and in with the luscious lips. No one in history ever loved dry chapped lips and we are not about to be the first. Every girl should have a lipgloss in their bag to ensure that your lips don’t look dry at any point.

2. Powder

Yes, we want to look glowy but that doesn’t mean we have to look greasy. Sometimes during the day either because of the weather or just stress from work we tend to look sweaty and that is not a look we want. Thank God for powder because it helps with exactly that. With a little touch-up, you’ll be looking mattified and ready to slay!

3. Blotting Paper

Feel a little bit oily on your face? Or is your lipstick to glossy for your liking? Blotting paper will do the trick and help your product stay put on your face without looking too oily. Also, blotting paper will help you clean your phone screen. Did you know that?

4. Baby Wipes

Did you know that baby wipes are good for makeup removal? This is because they are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free which means they are good for your face. In case you need to do a touch up in the office these wipes will help you start over on a clean canvas.

Is there anything we missed as a makeup essential? Let us know

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