Makeup Lashes That Are Best Suited For An Amazing Night Out!

OMG! Girles, These Lashes Are Going To Make You Look Like A Bad Bish!

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“I don’t love lashes,” said no girl ever.

All girls love lashes! For a fun night out or just a casual day lashes just come in handy. They make us feel extra and chic and just untouchable and who doesn’t want that feeling right? Nancie Mwai  had definitely taken over the beauty scene with her gorgeous lashes. We love a good bargain when it comes to finding high-quality lashes because let’s face it, we are not having cheap beauty products on our eyes or around the eyes. We got a list of our best picks for lashes.

Here are 3 places you can get your lashes from:
1. N&K Lashes

Makeup artists, Njanja and Koby who are in-fact married ( someone shout couple goals) created their own mink 3D lashes! We believe in supporting Kenyan brands and their lashes, oh my goodness! They are dramatic and beautiful, will have you feeling ultra chic and 0 to 100 in a flash! They go for  Ksh 1500  and guess what, you can wear them up to 30 times!

Source: n&klashes

2. Promakeup Ke

This beauty store is owned by makeup artist Joy Balogun. It’s an online store that deals with makeup items from foundations to lashes and lashes is what we are into! They sell faux mink lashes in multi-packs that range from Ksh 1250 to Ksh 1750.  We love how beautiful model Sheila Kanini looks in her long full lashes, we are just dying with envy!

Source: Promakeupke

3. Beauty Bar Kenya

Did someone mention dramatic flair?! Well, this makeup store that is both online and found at Jamia mall gets you banging lashes! They sell Arimika lashes that are exclusively designed by makeup artist  Arimika. They go for Ksh 1650 and you don’t want to miss out. Just see how amazing beauty and hair enthusiast Wangechi Ng’are looks in her falsies.

Better run to these stores and get your lashes girls!

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