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These Are The 3 Makeup Brushes You Need For Flawless Foundation

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If you want to get the most out of your makeup, you ought to think about not just what you’re applying to your face, but what you’re applying it with. If you’re trying to get a flawless foundation base then the brushes you use can make all the difference, and these three brushes will get you there. Foundation brushes help you achieve a flawless face and keeps your makeup last longer.

Here Are 3 Best Foundation Brushes For A Flawless Face:
1. Beauty Blender.

A beauty sponge or beauty blender is one of the best ‘brushes’ to use to get that flawless face beat that you want to achieve. The best thing about a beauty sponge is that it absorbs all the excess foundation

Foundation Brush

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2. Stippling Brush.

This brush provides the lightest application of pigment for a sheer finish. Use it to dust on finishing powder or powder blush. Or use a stippling motion to evenly press cream brush onto the cheeks. It can also be used to achieve a soft, airbrushed effect when used as a foundation brush.

Foundation Brush

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3. Powder Brush.

This might seem like a optional step but trust us, it’s an important one. Setting your face with powder is like putting a lock on all the hard work you’ve done crafting your makeup. A large powder brush will set your foundation with the slightest touch, keeping you oil free for the rest of the day.

Foundation Brushes

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Remember to always wash your makeup brushes and sponges to keep your face free from bacteria. Here are ways you can use to clean your makeup brushes.

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