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Ladies! Here Are 4 Easy Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes This Weekend

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Take care of your brushes ladies!

We all love using our makeup brushes and sponges to get that flawless face beat but how often are we cleaning our makeup brushes?  Dirt and dust will collect on our makeup brushes and we don’t want that going on our faces! Dirty brushes can be the culprit of those unexpected pesky pimples that appear in the morning- or any time! Cleaning your brushes regularly can save your skin the heartache of unexpected pimples.

Here are 4 ways to clean your makeup brushes and sponges and get that flawless face beat:
1.Beauty Blender Cleanser Liquid Soap.

For all things sponges and beauty blenders, use the Beauty Blender Cleanser liquid soap. It has a gentle formula containing coconut surfactants, which keeps your brushes soft and your sponges in perfect condition.

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2. Johnsons’ Baby Shampoo.

The Johnsons’ baby shampoo is a great alternative for getting all the germs and dirt off of your makeup brushes. Baby shampoo will cleans all your makeup brushes without damaging the bristles, leaving your brushes soft and clean.

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3. Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaner.

The Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaner is for those days when you want a quick wash without waiting for your brushes to dry. You can either spray on the brush head directly or on a paper towel first, blotting the head to remove makeup.

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4. Sigma Beauty Cleaning Mat.

The Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Mat can be used with the above cleansers to get rid of all dirt and dust. Adding friction with a cleansing mat that has soft surfaces helps remove oil and powders.

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Now your tools are ready to be used again!

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