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Want To Be A Professional Makeup Artist? Here’s How To Save Up For Your First Kit!

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Dreams can turn into a reality

So your secret or not so secret wish is to become a makeup artist and turn pro. Girl, your dreams are valid. Now do you know what it takes to become one? The hours of training, not to mention testing out dozens of different products? In fact, your kit is your toolbox, you without a decent range of foundations is like a mechanic without a spanner. Your makeup kit needs essential items such as foundation, brushes, eyeshadow palettes, blush, concealers, you name it. It can be quite expensive but don’t worry, because KCB got you. The KCB Goal Account, is an awesome product for you if you need a little help saving money consistently for a goal. It’s actually one of the best savings accounts in Kenya, even offering the highest interest rate in Kenya – up to 6.3% p.a. Who knows, you might end up getting a whole career out of what started as a hobby.

Here are 3 important items you need in your makeup kit:
1. Eye Shadow Pallets.

We all know how much legit eye shadow palettes go for right ladies? Now if you want to play it on the professional field you will have to save quite some amount of money to stock up on these. A professional makeup artist should have a minimum of 5. You don’t want your eye-shadow palette running out when you’re with client right?

2. Makeup Brushes.

Ladies, this is one very important item you should have when starting out. Remember, you need more than 2 sets of brushes of top quality. These types of makeup brushes are quite expensive and you need to keep washing them. Can you imagine being the MUA whose client starts sharing their horror story about how their face broke out in hives before their important event because you used dirty brushes?! Can you say dead on arrival.

3. Foundation.

We all know how good foundation is super expensive. It’s no joke ladies. Being a professional makeup artist requires you to have different brands of foundation, not just your shade but across the spectrum. Felt that pinch right? Most great foundation brands go for around KSH 5000! This is where you need to be smart about your savings. Ditch the fries and save up for your foundation ranges girlie!

Many of us spend more than we think on small small things like sweets, soda, fancy coffees or loose drinks on Friday night. What a difference it could make if we could redirect that money towards a savings goal. For example; if you saved KSH 2000 every month then by then of the year you’ll have your makeup kit box as well as some of the important items you’ll need as a professional MUA! Go forth and prosper!

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