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Here Are 3 Amazing Hacks To Keep Your Lipstick Looking Good All Day!

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Want to know how to keep your lipstick popping?

Ladies, how many times have you had a drink and suddenly the lipstick is off? How many times have you had a rough time applying lipstick just because your lips are too dry? We all hate when this happens because nobody has time to apply lipstick ten times a day! We know the struggle and that’s why we have these hacks to keep your lipstick vibrant and long-lasting.

Here Are 3 Hacks To Keep Your Lipstick Looking Good:
1. Use Concealer.

Concealer for the lips? Yes, you heard right.  Just apply a small amount of concealer before your lipstick and watch as the lipstick goes on smoother and looks more vibrant. Vlogger Joanna Kinuthia swears by this hack and we can attest that her lipstick is clearly popping!

Lipstick hacks

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2. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

Ladies, we can’t stress enough on how important it is to exfoliate your lips. It is always important to exfoliate your lips every night using a toothbrush so that you can start with a smooth canvas as you apply your lipstick.

Lipstick hacks

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3. Good Old  Gold Lip-gloss.

Ever wanted to highlight your lipstick? Well, a gold lip gloss is your knight in shining armor. It makes your lipstick pop trust me don’t be quick to ditch it!

Lipstick hacks

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What lipstick hacks do you swear by? Well before you answer that did you know that lipstick can describe your personality?!

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