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Eewww! Here Are 3 D.I.Y Removal Methods For That Nasty Lip Pimple

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We love D.I.Y removal methods especially when it comes to pimple removal.

Don’t you just hate how pimples crop up? But, what is more, irritating than getting a pimple somewhere on your face? Getting a pimple exactly on your lips. Oh, the horror! You can’t eat or drink in peace, and talking to anybody seems too embarrassing. You feel it is best to stay at home, secluded in a room. Well, don’t worry sis this article has D.I.Y methods that will help you get rid of those nasty lip pimples.

Here Are 3 D.I.Y Lip Pimple Treatments.
1. Hot & Cold Compress.

Place the ice cube in the towel and press it gently against the pimple for a few minutes. Dip the towel in hot water, wring out the excess, and place it on the pimple. Ice reduces swelling and constricts the oil glands in your skin. As a result, the excess oil and bacteria are flushed out from the inflamed glands. The hot compress works similarly by reducing the swelling and increasing the blood flow to the affected site

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2. Apply Castor Oil:

Add the essential oil to the castor oil and mix well. Apply a drop of this on the pimple and the area around it. Leave it on overnight. Castor oil cleanses and unclogs your pores by absorbing the impurities present in it. Its antibacterial properties get rid of the acne-causing bacteria. All the essential oils recommended in this remedy also possess antibacterial properties and can speed up the healing process of the pimple on your lip.

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3. Apply Lemon Juice:

Dip the cotton swab in the lemon juice and apply it on the pimple. Let it dry naturally. It is not necessary to wash it off. This is one of the most common methods of treating acne, no matter where it is present. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which renders the juice its antibacterial properties. These help in eliminating the bacteria that cause acne. Lemon juice also possesses astringent properties that constrict the body tissues and expel the excess oil from the skin.

diy lip pimple removal

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It’s never easy having acne on your face the easiest thing to do is to ensure that you take care of your skin at all times. Don’t sleep with makeup on, wash your face and don’t use products you’re unfamiliar with.




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