Caroline Mutoko's Signature Hairstyle Looks Great On Kate Actress?!

Kumbe Caroline Mutoko’s Signature Hairstyle Looks Great On Kate Actress?!

Are we really loving it?!

Kenyan actress Kate is spotting a brand new hairstyle and we do not know how to feel about it! She’s been seen with a number of beautiful wigs that came on all styles and colours. We get it, braided hairstyles are a common protective hairstyle and her recent one looks just like Caroline Mutoko’s signature style. So we want to ask, did she nail this new look or nah?

Here’s Kate’s New Braided Hairstyle:
1. Cornrow Special!

Well for the best part this hairstylist is perfect for those who have a large forehead or a round face. Kate Actress shows us that! We love how she accessorized the hairstyle with trendy accessorizes such as beads. This look is just perfect on her!

kate actress hairstyle

Source: Instagram

So ladies, an important decision must be made. Are we loving this look or is it a major no no? Vote below.

Kate Actress New Hairstyle Is Big-Hair-Goals And We Love It!