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Our Favourite Beauty & Skincare Brands Are Now On Jumia Mall!

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Skincare lovers! Are you ready for this?!

Finally, some great news for all of us who’ve been looking for a better way to get the latest high-quality products available at a great price! Leading online retailer Jumia has just launched over 50 official brand stores within one dedicated platform dubbed Jumia Mall. This development is about to revolutionize our whole online shopping experience! That Jumia has chosen to partner with official distributors is a real step forward in ensuring we only use quality products, especially in the cosmetics industry where fakes are not uncommon. 

Jumia Mall Launch. Source: Jumia

Below we’ve prepared a roundup of the brands we’re really excited to see on the all-new Jumia Mall!

1. Nivea 

First of all Nivea is launching Nivea Micellar Water on Jumia Mall! Your makeup removal game is about to be taken up a notch! Nivea Micellar Water is super gentle on skin, causes zero eye irritation, and cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin in one swipe. Can I hear an Amen? They will also be introducing their new look lip balms which the likes of Cris Njoki have been using on their Instagram pages.

We especially love that most of the products on Nivea’s exclusive store on Jumia Mall are also stocked under Jumia Express, meaning they’re available for next-day delivery! So many problems solved in an instant! So Check out Nivea’s Micellar Water and their entire catalogue on Jumia Mall through via this link.

2. L’oreal 

Whether you’re all about that particular shade of Maybelline’s Superstay Matte ink liquid lipstick, or skincare essentials like Garnier’s Pure Active 3 in 1 Charcoal Anti Blackhead Mask Wash Scrub, listen up! They have pages and pages of original, authentic items now on the L’oreal exclusive Jumia Mall store at prices that will tempt you to re-stock before end month. Okay, that was us earlier today and we have no regrets! We especially can’t wait for the Maybelline Made for all lipsticks, Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayons, Maybelline Exclusive beauty sets, and the Puma range, all of which will be exclusively available on Jumia Mall! And have you tried their new masks?! Girl, you need to try the Skin Active Hydrabomb Pomegranate Tissue masks – here’s the link. Thank me later.


We all know the issue we have purchasing skincare and beauty products online. Sometimes you’re not quite sure whether what you see on your screen is what you actually mean to get. The awesome thing about Jumia Mall is their 15-day easy return policy. It just makes you feel that much more comfortable when purchasing online.

3. PZ Cussons

Most of us grew up using Cussons Imperial Leather soap and we love how the brand just keeps getting better and better, expanding to include more premium products, and still staying true to those fundamental products that literally keep our households going.

PZ cussons jumia mall

PZ Cussons CEO, Sekar Ramamoorthy. Source: Jumia

They also have their own exclusive store on Jumia Mall, selling such products as Morning Fresh, Ushindi, Cussons baby, Carex and Imperial Leather. Moms if you know, you know, but every mom needs to try their baby wipes. Looking for an ideal baby shower gift in a pinch? Check out their gift packs, available in pink and blue.

Look out for the special Jumia Mall sticker on jumia.co.ke or the app. Shop over 50 official brand stores on Jumia Mall, or shop Jumia Global for international vendors, or the many quality vetted local resellers on the marketplace. Happy shopping!

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