Joy Kendi Shares With Us The Charcoal Mask She Uses For Glowing Skin

The Affordable Charcoal Mask That Joy Kendi Uses For Glowing Skin

Joy Kendi Garnier Face Masks Kenya
Joy Kendi’s skin must look stunning because of this product.

Joy Kendi a Kenyan Blogger that is sassy, gorgeous and fashionable. She is always traveling and she makes us want to take better care of our skin because her skin is always glowing. In the past, Joy Kendi has shared with us skincare and makeup brands and products that are a must have for her! This time around, she shared with her Instagram followers face masks that have been helping her skin glow in the past month.

Joy Kendi Garnier Face Masks Kenya

Source: Joy Kendi/Instagram

Clay masks are skincare products that contain clay, kaolin, or bentonite and they are used for tightening of the skin. They also help draw oil and dirt to the surface of the skin. Many clay masks have added ingredients that also help the skin to glow, giving you radiant skin like Joy Kendi’s.

Joy Kendi Garnier Face Masks Kenya

Source: Joy Kendi/Instagram

Joy Kendi has been using the Garnier Charcoal Mask. This is what she had to say about the product.

The main reason why I have to use a charcoal mask at least twice a week.
Charcoal face masks help make my pores  look clearer and much smaller plus activated charcoal, which is the main ingredient in charcoal masks..duuuhhhh, remove impurities with in the skin.  And the reason why I go for @garnierkenya Skin Active Pure Active charcoal mask is because it’s a 3 in 1.  A wash, scrub (cause Y’all know how much I love exfoliating my face) and mask…. Your girl’s out here trying to save her shmuny.

This is Joy Kendi’s skincare routine.

Which mask do you use?  Nancy Mwai’s facebeat looks this year.