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3 Amazing Reasons To Ditch Your Nivea Products For Jergens Lotion

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Jergens is Kenya’s favorite lotion.

We have been loyal to Vaseline and Nivea products for so long that we stopped giving attention to the new brands in the market. Living in Nairobi has many benefits and one of the major reasons is that there is product diversity here. We are not tied down to brands and products because the options are countless. From beauty products to baby apparel, there are options based on your budget and quality preferences.

When I first heard about Jergens, a friend of mine was going on and on about this lotion that she uses. She said that it made her skin super soft. Then I heard another friend talking about it and that was when I decided to test it out.

After using it for two weeks, this is what I found.
It absorbs super fast.

This was something I had to get used to. I was so used to using lotions that took forever to absorb and also made me sweat so much when it was hot. Jergens takes less than 3 minutes to absorb and it doesn’t stain clothes.

jergens healing lotion kenya

It is healing.

The Jergens lotions are super healing and if you have rashes or super dry patches on your skin, this lotions should be your best friend. Apply it before you go to bed and in the morning and your skin will thank you.

Jergens Lotion Kenya ZUMI

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It evens your skin tone!

Yes, girl, we all want to have super gorgeous skin and having an even skin tone is a big part of it. Jergens has a solution for us all.

Hands Zumi Even tone

The lotion is available at Foodplus for about Ksh 1000 and on Jumia ranging from Ksh 850 – Ksh 1500 depending on the range.

All this in one lotion? Are you as curious to try it as I was?  Here are Nivea products Kobi Kihara is currently using.