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Huddah’s Lipsticks Are Definitely For The Edgy Girl! Here Are 4 Shades To Try

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Seen Huddah’s lip shade style of late?

Who doesn’t know Huddah? Star Gal and mistress of all trades?! Right? Our beloved socialite and businesswoman is the real deal when it comes to lipstick shades. She doesn’t shy away from bold colours nor metallic shades that an ordinary woman would run away from. Try and be diverse by playing with the different shades lipstick has to offer. You can get them from any cosmetic stores such as MAC, Huddah Cosmetics, Maybelline you won’t be disappointed. Have fun with lipsticks girls!

Here’s how to pull of different lipstick shades:
1. Girls wear pink!

Huddah doesn’t play, she looks stunning in her pink lipstick and she pulled out all the stops by having a towel wrap, trendy sunglasses, pink satin robe and white bralette. Girls don’t shy away from a pink shade, there’s always one that will match perfectly with your skin tone.

Huddah Lipsticks shades

Source: Instagram

2. Any day wear a red lipstick!

Red is loved by all women and it suits all skin tones and we can get over how Huddah looks in this deep red shade. Make sure you get the right shade of red that matches your skin, we want you to look right. Red lipstick can be worn to the office it causes just enough attention.

Huddah lipstick shades

Source: Instagram

3. Ever tried a metallic colour?

Well, Huddah has and she looks oh so fabulous and retro! She matched her metallic lipstick shade with a trendy headscarf and retro sunglasses to create that 90’s look. We want you to know that you can rock this shade for wedding occasions.

Huddah lipstick shades

Source: Instagram

4. We live for green lipstick!

It’s definitely not your day to day lipstick but on days you want to make your whole persona stand out then go green. Huddah shows us how to pair green lipstick; with nude coloured outfits. Put on green lipstick for that event to get noticed.

Huddah lipsticks shade

Source: Instagram

Are you a fan of coloured lipstick? Let us know your favourite lipstick shade by Huddah.

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