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Heat Be Gone! 3 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Any Heat

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Get beautiful curls without heat!

Have you ever wanted defined curls but you dread using heat because it will damage your hair? Yeah, we absolutely understand your dilemma. Curls give you the versatility of playing around with your hair and making you feel extra fabulous. Depending on the length of your hair and type of curls you want, there’s a way you can achieve that without using any heat on your hair. No more damaging your hair, curl your hair without heat!

3 Unique & Simple Ways To Curl Hair Without Heat:
1. Flexi Rods.

Flexi rods are really easy to use and give you soft and beautiful curls. You simply wrap your hair around the rod, making sure to wrap tightly and all the way through to the tips. And a good thing is that you can do this on dry or wet hair.

Curl Hair Without HeatSource: Instagram/Naturallynella

2. Bantu Knots.

One effective way to create curls is to put your hair in Bantu knots. You can create Bantu knots on either wet or dry hair. Doing them on dry hair gives you loose and fuller curls. Doing them on wet hair will give you tight and better-defined curls.

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3. Straw Set.

Yes, straws can actually give you some curls. This method will give you well defined and long-lasting curls. So if you want tight curls, use some straws. After you’re done, put on your bonnet and head to sleep. Wake up and shake them free. You can use a comb to tease your hair to give you extra volume.

Curl Hair Without Heat

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Simple and very effective ways to curl hair without heat. Have you ever tried these methods?

Featured Image via Instagram/Freshlengths