Hamisa Mobetto's New Sexy Hairstyle Is Giving Diamond's Compe!

Hamisa Mobetto’s New Sexy Hairstyle Is Giving Diamond’s Compe!

\Hamisa is bringing sexy back!

Hamisa Mobetto is bringing sexy back with her hairstyle! First of all she choose the absolutely right hairstyle. This hairstyle is sure to bring back her ex’s crawling to her feet. She looks amazing in her black bangs and soft wavy long weave. To be honest, bangs are suitable any face shape. And by the way, her hairstyle is way cuter than Diamond’s lol.

Hamisa In Her Brand New Hairstyle:
1. Bangs Are Back Baby!

Whew chile! Hamisa looks so amazing in this piece right here! From the colour of choice she went with, the soft long curls and the bangs she really knows how to choose her hairstyle! Furthermore we love her makeup! Just a deep red lippie and she has killed the whole look. Kudos Hamisa

hamisa mobetto new hairstyle

Source: Instagram

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