Hamisa Breaks The Internet With Her New Hairstyle! ( Photos ) – ZUMI

Hamisa Breaks The Internet With Her New Hairstyle! ( Photos )

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Y’all have to see her new hairstyle! It’s definitely going to bring back Diamond!

Hamisa darling you just had to break the internet with your new hairstyle eh? We are all about celebrities switching up their hairstyles from the plain old kawaida weaves and wigs we see them with on a daily. Hamisa went for the triangular box braids style and added a cute extension to her look. Hamisa we see you and our question is has Diamond seen it? Hmmmm. These protective hairstyles are loved by all women, easy to do and easy on the pockets. I am about to have this style on! Ladies read on to see her gorgeous hairstyle.

Here Is Hamisa’s New Hairstyle:
1. Box Braid Extensions.

Hamisa went for the new type of box braids; triangular box braids and we are loving it. She added some gold hair accessories and a puffy curly extension for the pony tail look.

Check Hamisa Out Feeling Her New Hairstyle!

Hamisa clearly loves her new hairstyle. See how she flips it sides ways? Girl we see you and you look hella good with it! I just love how puffy and curly the extension is.

I am loving Hamisa’s new hairstyle? I want to know what you ladies think about it. Drop you comments below and let’s discuss.

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