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Ladies, These 5 Hairstyles Will Bring Out Your Cheekbones

Huddah Monroe
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Give yourself a natural face-lift with these hairstyles.

We love contouring to bring out and sometimes invent those high cheekbones. But what if we told you that you don’t need those contour and highlighting sticks to get more defined features as long as you’ve got the right hairstyle? Well, head over to your hairdresser and tell them to style your hair with any of the following, and you’ll literally see those cheekbones emerge of their own accord!

5 hairstyles that will bring out your cheekbones:
1. Pixie cut

A cut like this will bring peoples’ eyes up when they look at you. When it comes to lifting your face, the shorter the hair, the better. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try.

2. A bob

This is the best hairstyle to bring out that beautiful jawline and your cheekbones as well. For best results, make sure it’s relatively short.

Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for FENTY PUMA)

3. Get a fringe

If it can work with your face, pair a bob with a fringe. The effect will basically be like an intense facelift. If the bob is not your cup of tea, pair that fringe with long hair.


Source: ZUMI

4. Straight long hair

This tends to work more for people with round faces. Where you choose to place your part, whether on the middle or on the side can have a dramatic effect to emphasize your cheekbones.

Source: instagram/pinkyghelani

Try these out and bring out your facial features before you ever apply any makeup so that when you do go in to contour and highlight, every pigment is working that much harder.




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