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Hairstyle Of The Week: Cornrow Bob Braids Hairstyle

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Cornrow bob box braids will get you to call your hairdresser.

If you have been to your favorite salon and did not spot this hairstyle, then you need to change your hairdresser because this is the latest hair sensation in Nairobi. Merging two of the most iconic hairstyles, box braids and the bob cut did not seem to be possible until this hairstyle was created. The origin is unknown but we all need to thank the person who came up with it.

hairstyle of the week Kenya Zumi

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This look is perfect for the Kenyan woman who hates going to the salon every weekend because it could last you anywhere between three to four weeks. With the right guidance, you can get them done at the Kenyatta market or at your favorite ‘mtaani’ salon. The cornrow bob braids are easy to maintain with hair oils.the Mikalla braids spray.

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