These Are Officially Kenya's Most Popular Hairstyles In 2018 #TagAFriend

These Are Officially Kenya’s Most Popular Hairstyles In 2018 #TagAFriend

Hairstyles Kenya Zumi
Kenya’s most popular hairstyles are definitely these 4.

Kenyan women are known to love changing their hairstyles often. Who wants to walk around with braids that are already undone. Most women go to the salon every 3 weeks but there are some of us who are either treating or washing our hair every weekend. This year alone, the number of trending hairstyles we have seen is overwhelming and it is hard to keep track of all of them so we decided to list down 4 of the most popular hairstyles in Kenya.

The most popular hairstyles in Kenya are:

1. Bantu twist outs/Straw set.

Lyra Aoko Photographer Kenya Blogger

source: LyraAoko/Instagram

2. Super short hair.

Wahu sifa- Zumi


3. Crotchet braids.

kiitana zumi

Source: Kiitana

4. Cornrows.

Spiral cornrows hairstyle braids Kenya Zmi

Source: hairby_xtine/Instagram

Which is your favorite hairstyle? Here are cornrows that would definitely look good on you.