Hair Goals! Who Slayed This Natural Hair Fringe Best? Sheila Ndinda Vs. Michelle Ntalami? Vote! - ZUMI

Hair Goals! Who Slayed This Natural Hair Fringe Best? Sheila Ndinda Vs. Michelle Ntalami? Vote!

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Five-head gang, gather round! We have some incredibly stylish hairstyle inspiration for you!

First of all, we have great news for you ladies. Having a big forehead is not the most terrible thing! Regardless, many women often feel a sense of insecurity when it comes to hairstyles that flatter or conceal their forehead situation. More good news?

We have a chic and easy-to-achieve hairstyle inspiration that will put to bed your forehead insecurities and we are super excited to share! They say the prettiest girls have the biggest foreheads and we have put two of our favourite naturalistas head-to-head as proof. But you know we have to ask. Who slayed this natural hair bang style best?

1. Michelle Ntalami.

Michelle recently expressed her excitement for her new banging hairstyle (see what we did there? 😉 ) and we were equally excited to see how gorgeous she looked! She cornrowed her hair all around and crocheted additional Fluffy Kinky braids to create the bang and fluffy bun.

2. Sheila Ndinda.

Sheila’s gorgeous bang situation is a perfect idea for how to style an old bantu knot out! She sleeked up the rest of her hair into a chic bun and styled the rest to create her voluminous fringe. In case you are looking for more drama in the bun area, you could attach Marley or Fluffy Kinky hair and tie it into a bigger bun.


Decisions, decisions. What do you girls think? Vote and let us know! If you would like to achieve Sheila Ndinda’s twist our curls, give these Dark & Lovely Al Natural products a try. P:S They are on sale! 🙂

We have the sexiest combination ever and it involves natural hair and fabulous fashion style!




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