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Ladies! Here’s How To Make Your Own Conditioner At Home

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Let us make conditioner!

How many times have you bought conditioner and its either too expensive? Or the products in it are just not good for your hair? Too many times. Often we use store bought conditioners that have worked well for celebrities or hair bloggers. We do this without thinking that our hair types might be different. For most of us African girls, 4c hair is what we are blessed with and getting hair products that works perfectly could be a task. Vlogger Dephyne Madyara whose 4c hair grew 20 inches in 3 years shows us how to make an intense conditioner at home.

Here’s A Video On How To Make An Intense Conditioner At Home:

3 Quick Tips When Making A Homemade Conditioner:
1. Egg With Warm Water Is A No

When using eggs, do not use warm water to wash it out, this will make the egg cook a little bit making it hard to remove it from your hair.

2. Substitute Coconut Oil With Olive Oil

In case your hair does not do too well with coconut oil, you can use olive oil instead as it works just the same way.

3. Adjust The Ingredients

Ensure that the amount of ingredients you use are equal to the length of your hair otherwise you’ll end up wasting a lot of it.


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