Hair By Makanye Is The Hairstylist Everyone Is Talking About

Usiachwe Nyuma! Hair By Makanye Is The Hairstylist Everyone Is Talking About

Hair by Makanye
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Hair by Makanye is the real plug when it comes to hairstyles. The two-time award-winning hairstylist has continuously proven that she’s one to watch. Starting out as a crochet specialist she has grown to accommodate more creative hairstyles over time. She continues to come up with creative hairstyles every day and we are here for it. We simply can’t wait to see what next she’s going to pull off.

Here Are 3 Hairstyles Hair By Makanye Has Made That Are Simply Awesome:
1. Cornrow Beauty.

How neat can this ever get? We love these cornrows and how neat they are. Hair by Makanye is one to shy away from trendy things and this was one of them.

Hair By Makanye

Source: Instagram

2. Little Princesses.

No one was ever ready for this awesomeness. How gorgeous do these two look? On this one, Makanye definitely outdid herself. These two are definitely ready to conquer the world with these hairstyles.

Hair By Makanye

Source: Instagram

3. Bridal Party.

As we’ve come to know, Hair by Makanye’s strong points also lies in hair up-dos which is a favourite to many bridal parties. So why not book an appointment with her if you have a wedding coming up. She definitely made these bridesmaids look gorgeous.

Hair By Makanye

Source: Instagram

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Book that appointment and let us know how it goes

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