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Foundation Vs Beauty Cream, These Kenyan Fashionistas Help Us Decide

Beauty Cream Kenya, Zumi
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You might just toss out your foundation after this!

Ladies, what would you do if you were asked to completely remove foundation from your makeup routine? If you got cold shivers just thinking about going bare-faced then you will be thrilled to know that there is a new beauty cream in town that lets you do just that while still looking flawless, and these fashion bloggers are proof!

Beauty Cream Kenya, Zumi

Photo: Biw Biw.

Biw Biw is a made in Kenya, 4-in-one radiance cream, which works to moisturize, even, prime and protect our African skin. It also combines an SPF of 50+ in its formula, making it a cheap and popular beauty product and a great alternative to foundation. It is no wonder these fashionistas have ditched their foundation!

Popular Instagrammer, Sylvia Monayo, has been spotted foundation-free on several occasions and we love the look! She has posed for the gram, declaring her love for all things Biw Biw and we can definitely see why!

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, Denim And Cateye has also been spied flaunting a no-makeup-makeup look, without foundation. She recently switched up her routine to give foundation a back seat, making way for the newest beauty cream in town.

What do you girls think? Are you convinced to give up your foundation yet? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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