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How To Easily Apply Eye-Shadow Perfectly Like A Makeup Pro!

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Applying eyeshadow is easy.

Many of us have tried applying eyeshadow but we always tend to fail miserably! Why are other people better than us in makeup application? Well, itis probably because they practice the art of eyeshadow application more than most of us do. Eyeshadow gurus are always looking for the perfect eyeshadow palette and they are also learning from their peers online.

These are the lessons we have learned from eyeshadow application online. 

You need to have is a makeup palette with lighter and darker shades of eyeshadow. This is because the lighter shades will be used to highlight the eye and the darker ones are used to sculpt the eye.


This is the step by step eye shadow application process.

There are many ways to get your eyeshadow application right and these are some of the most popular techniques.
Option 1: The golden finish.

This is the look you can totally pull off any day even to work!

Eyeshadow Application Kenya Makeup Kenya

Source: Makeup Geek


Option 2: The smokey eye.

The smokey eye is perfect for that date night and night our with friends.

Eyeshadow Application Kenya Makeup Kenya

Source: Pinterest


You can also learn more from this YouTube tutorial by Cydnee Black.

Are you now ready to try it on your own? Get out your good quality eye shadow pallet and try it out.

All the best Zumi Girls. Go out and spread the eyeshadow gospel. This is the best day and night regimen for women with oily skin.