Warning! These 4 DIY Skin Treatments Might Just Be Misleading You

Warning! These 4 DIY Skin Treatments Might Just Be Misleading You

Skin Treatment
Please read carefully!

Skin treatment can easily be the most expensive thing to get. With products ranging from ksh500 to ksh6000, these options can be out of reach for most of us. So we end up relying on DIY skin treatments easily available on the internet. As good as this option sounds, it might just be the reason why your skin is not clearing despite your numerous tries. Yes, they are cheap but the ingredients in these DIY skin treatments might just make you proceed with caution.

Here Are 4 DIY Skin Treatments You Should Be Cautious With:
1. Using Lemon On Your Face

You have read from multiple sources that lemon is good for lightening your skin but sis, do not dare! Lemons are highly acidic and will only damage the protective layer of your skin. Furthermore, they have a pH of 2 which can really mess up your skin’s natural pH. Let the lemons stay in the kitchen only!

2. Using Toothpaste For Pimples

Known as the queen of DIY treatments for pimples, toothpaste gets a big NO! We know that it brings down inflammation but its main ingredients, peroxide and baking soda are not good for the skin. It will only cause irritation and might just leave you with discolouration and spots after.

3. Eggs As A Skin Tightener 

Ever used egg whites as a skin tightener for your face? Well, it does work and is actually good for skin elasticity and improving one’s skin tone. However, egg whites can contain salmonella which if ingested by mistake would definitely cause severe food poisoning.

4. Using Mayonnaise

We have seen a vast amount of DIY beauty gurus use mayonnaise as a face mask but is it really worth it? It is good for sandwiches but definitely not for your skin. Mayonnaise contains a high amount of oil and fat that will only clog your pores and cause a full face of acne.

Has any of these DIY skin treatments ever gone wrong for you? We would love to hear your stories on the comment section below.

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