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These DIY Natural Hairstyles Will Take Your Look To A Whole New Level!

Naturalistas, we have some hairstyle inspiration for you!

If there is one thing we can all agree on with regards to DIY natural hairstyles, it has to be their versatility and never-ending styling options that are functional, easy to achieve and chic. So if you are stuck trying to find new ideas on what to try next with your natural hair, or if you simply need some hairstyle inspiration, then you have come to the right place!

1. Partial up-do.

The sweet and bubbly hair blogger, Sharon, of Kenyan Puff flaunted her thick, healthy and black tresses on the gram and we are all in awe of how gorgeous her DIY natural hairstyle is! She used her voluminous mane to her advantage, to create a partial up-do that resembles stunning hair extensions!

2. Fro-hawk with a twist.

Sheila Ndinda is possibly every naturalista’s hair goals and with good reason. She is known to slay DIY natural hairstyles day in, day out and this fro-hawk situation is no exception. It is amazing how simple accessories can transform a hairdo from simple to catchy and Sheila’s advise was to “Put your name on your hair so they know it’s yours.” 😛

3.  Michelle’s buns.

Truth be told, we miss the Marini Naturals C.E.O’s DIY hairstyles! She named this look “Michelle’s Buns” which requires you to section your hair into the number of buns you would like, plait only the tip of each section and tuck each neatly into a bun!

4. Sophisticated pin-up.

This partial pin-up by fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, Denim And Cateye, is the perfect combination of curls and an up-do and strikes a gorgeous balance for a style that is elegant enough to wear to a wedding and easy enough to wear everyday. Would you believe she achieved this look through a two-strand twist out? Goals!

We hope you are inspired to give your DIY natural hairstyles a much welcome facelift! Will you be trying any of these styles soon? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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