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4 Cool D.I.Y Hacks For Removing Lipstick On The Go

Lipstick removal - Zumi
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This is so easy!

The Lipstick Revolution came, and matte lipsticks changed the game. With matte, there’s no need for reapplication every hour or after eating. But any true lipstick lover knows that removing lipstick, especially long-wear lipstick, is no easy feat. Even expensive makeup remover doesn’t always get the job done.

Here are some fast and easy hacks to help get that stubborn lipstick off in seconds:
1. Vaseline.

f you find yourself without makeup remover, grab some Vaseline from your bathroom cabinet. Spread a finger-full over your lips and let it sit for a few minutes. Once time is up, wipe off the layer of Vaseline with a damp cloth or tissue and the lipstick will lift with it. This is the best solution when in a hurry. Just carry Vaseline in your bag you have instant remover everywhere you go.

removing Lipstick - vaseline - zumi2. Tooth Brush.

When in doubt, why not stick to something you know? This trick helps removing lipstick completely. Apply lip balm and coat your lips entirely. Then, take a clean toothbrush (dedicated to this chore) and gently scrub your lips in a circular motion until the dried lipstick disappears. Do not forget to moisturize them once done.

removing lipstick - toothbrush - zumi

3. Lip Balm.

The easiest of them all, this is the solution for removing lipstick while at work or school. Swipe on the lip balm over your lipstick and let it sit for a minute. You then crumple up a piece of tissue and rub it in a circular motion against your lips. The lip stain will be off before you even know it.

TIP: remember to stash some lip balm in your purse.

lipstick removal - lip balm - zumi

4. Brown Sugar.

Once you get rid of the first layer of lipstick, there may be some residue leftover. Using an exfoliator would be ideal here to rub off any dead skin cells and uncover perfectly smooth lips. For a quick home D.I.Y, mix equal parts of honey and brown sugar in a small dish and rub the mixture over your lips for 30 seconds. Wipe off the excess with a damp cloth and apply a lip balm afterwards to retain moisture.

Lipstick removal - brown sugar - zumi

Never get stuck with a faded lip again!

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