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Got Curly Hair? Then This Post Is Definitely For You!

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These curly hairstyles are so fun and trendy!

Have you ever had a curly unit? Curly hair is fun. When you have curly hair you are free to play around with accessories and different hairstyles. Curly hair is for the fun adventurous girl, that’s right. Many celebrities have been spotted with curly hair, the likes of Gabrielle Union, Avril, Kelly Rowland. You need to have a certain characteristic to rock curly hair. So if curly hair is what you love then this article is definitely for you.

Here are 4 easy curly hairstyle to go for:
1.  Accessorized Flat Twists.

Get out all the the gold accessories and try this funky hairstyle. Your curly hair with all this jewellery will have you popping! This hairstyle is perfect for the university girl.

curly hairstyles

Source: Curlbox

2. Faux Mohawk Style.

Get creative and get on that faux Mohawk band wagon. This hairstyle is for the cool creative girl that just wants to look good and have fun. This hairstyle is simple and quick to do.

curly hairstyles

Source: CurlBox

3. The Sleek Back.

Well when you are going a hot date, this is the hairstyle for you. Get that hair to be sleeked with some of that eco styler gel and hold the puffy curly end with a tight rubber band. And before you leave the house make sure you lay your edges.

curly hairstyles

Source: CurlBox

4. Double Buns.

How cute is this curly hairstyle? With your curly unit on fleek you can get creative and do a double bun for a fun lunch date with the squad, right?

curly hairstyles

Source: CurlBox

How do you style your curly unit? Shar with us.

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