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Consider These Fabulous Cornrow Hairstyles To Pull Off This Weekend!

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Cornrow hairstyles are perfect for the summer sun!

Our Kenyan summer isn’t far off and we need to spice up our hairstyles right ladies? During the warm sunny days, you’ll want to look fabulous from your outfit up to your hair and we all know that selfies come in and who wants a bad summer selfie? Not us that’s right! Get playful and creative with your hair, try something new and daring, remember, you only live once! Cornrows are perfect for this kind of weather. Easy to do and easy to maintain as well. After reading this article you will have you braiding cornrows in a minute!

1. Cornrows with Accessories.

The best thing about cornrows is how you can accessories them and they still turn out looking fresh and cute! Accessories are trendy and you can have gold accessories or even go the Masai beads way to accessorize.

2. Side Cornrows.

This style is really cute don’t you think? With this scorching heat you need a hairstyle that will make your scalp breathe well lol. If you want to have this hairstyle on go to a trusted saloonist who won’t pull tricks on you.

3. Locs let down

Wakanda inspired cornrows are what we are living for. This style is so chic! Get it done into a half updo bun. This hairstyle is perfect for work and squad no doubt!

4. Flat Cornrows.

Simple and cute are what we love about cornrows. Have your hairstylist check this style out and get it done. Ensure that it will bring out your best features.A part in the middle is perfect for those who have round and oblong faces.

Which cornrow hairstyle do you love?

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